2020 Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteopathic Surgeons
Exhibiting and Marketing Opportunities

The ACOS attracts over 1,200 surgeons from the General, Cardiothoracic and Vascular, Neurological, Urological, Plastic and Reconstructive and Proctological Surgical disciplines. In addition, we offer programming for Program Directors.

This annual conference provides exhibitors with a tremendous opportunity to speak with key decision makers who will utilize your products and services in their practice, hospital, or educational program. Be sure to return to this page for updates on exhibiting at this year's conference!

Don’t miss this opportunity to virtually connect with top-notch osteopathic surgeons during the 2020 Annual Clinical Assembly this October. For additional information on the exhibiting or marketing opportunities at this meeting, please click here.

QUESTIONS? Contact ACOS Exhibitor & Marketing Sales Manager at 301-200-4616 ext. 108 or acos@sponsorshipboost.com.