Micro Volunteer Initiative

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer with the College but not able to make the commitment required to serve on a committee? No problem. The ACOS is launching the Micro Volunteer Initiative. This initiative gives members an opportunity to meaningfully volunteer their time and talent to the College in brief spurts. This year's initiatives include:

  • Volunteering to be a champion of the new online member community, scheduled to launch March 1, 2019
  • Posting photos of sessions attended on the ACOS Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #2019IDR during the 2019 In-Depth Review in Des Moines, Iowa 
  • Posting photos and sharing feedback on the ACOS Facebook and Twitter pages with the hashtag #2019ACA from sessions attended during the 2019 American Clinical Assembly (ACA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Micro Volunteer Initiative: Seeking Champions for the new ACOS Online Member Community

This spring the ACOS will launch a new online member community. The purpose of the community is to provide a platform for our members that fosters discussion, enables a centralized community to share ideas and offers a pipeline of information to the entire ACOS Member community. Members will drive the discussion so that the issues discussed are most pertinent to the ACOS Member Community.

We are looking for volunteers to help kick-off the new online community by engaging your fellow members. As an online community champion, you will need to respond to the kick-off e-mails for the online community, participate in a brief (30 minutes) overview of how to log into and post in the new online community and you will be expected to create 5 to 10 posts within 10 days of the kick-off. This is a community for our members. As such, our members will drive the discussion based on the information/topics of interest/perspectives most relevant and meaningful to this community. For example, you may post of your experience on a unique or particularly rewarding surgery(ies), current issues related to your surgical specialty, local/regional/national legislation and it's impact on healthcare in your community/specialty/hospital/organization, and hot topics of discussion for you and your peers as a... 

  • Student
  • Resident
  • Early Career Surgeon
  • Mid Career Surgeon
  • Program Director
  • Organizational Administrator
  • Surgeon serving a rural community
  • Surgeons serving an urban community
To be recognized as an ACOS Volunteer, you must post at least 5 times within the first 10 days the community is launched. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity, simply e-mail Melanie Jones, Manager, Marketing and Communications at [email protected] and include Micro Volunteer in the Subject line.