ACOS Annual Resident Report
Resident Evaluation of the Program

FAQ’s for Trainees

  1. My program has applied for accreditation with ACGME. Am I still required to submit Annual Resident Reports to the ACOS?

    All trainees in programs that have not fully transitioned to ACGME will need to complete the Resident Annual Report. Annual Report results are shared with the AOA and AOBS. As such, if we do not receive the required information, board eligibility can be impacted.

    To check your programs accreditation status, click here.

  2. Which Operative Log Report should I submit?

    • If using the ACOS Op-Log system, please submit the "Resident Operative Report"
    • If using the ACGME Op-Log System, please submit the "Experience by Role" report
    • If you are a graduating resident using the ACGME op-log system, please submit the "Experience by Year" report


      Operative reports are submitted though the Resident Evaluation of the Program Form. Residents should download a PDF file and submit the correct Operative Report based on the system used for their OGME training level and the 18-19 Training Year.

  3. Can I submit a paper Annual Report form?

    No, all documents are submitted electronically at

  4. I have a new Program Director. How will they complete the Program Directors Annual Report forms?

    We have notified each program director of their requirements for the Annual Resident Report. If your Program Director needs assistance please share Jessika Brown’s contact information and she will assist them,

  5. I believe I am a member of the ACOS, why am I being charged a $300.00 non-member review fee?

    Questions regarding your membership status should be directed to Jennifer Peterson,

  6. I am having a difficult time accessing my account.

    Please contact the ACOS 1.800.888.1312 x108. The operator will help you access your account.

  7. When will I know the status of my training year?
    A result email notification will be sent Mid to Late September, after the RESC meets to review your reports. At that time, you will be able to logon to your account and print or save your Training Status Letter.

Resident Annual Reports are Due June 30th, so start the process early. Late fees will be assessed on July 1. If you have any additional questions or need any assistance, please contact Jessika Brownat or 1.800.888.1312 x103.