Dr. Haass Welcomes New Members into the College

E. Aron Haass, D.O., FACOSE. Aron Haass, D.O., FACOS welcomed new members into the College at the Ceremonial Conclave that took place during the 2016 Annual Clinical Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. In his charge to them, he said:

“Welcome my osteopathic brothers and sisters! I promise I will try to make my comments brief. I would like to acknowledge each of your families, both professional and social, for the support they have given you.  

Being a native Detroiter, I would like to share some wisdom with you from Henry Ford. Henry Ford is quoted as saying, ‘You may think the grass is greener on the other side. But if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green.’

I remember being on call in general surgery in the early hours of the morning during a bowel case, when at some point, my attending had a wonderstruck laugh from across the table. I thought that was a little odd, but maybe I was just hearing things. Then, he did it again. So, I asked, ‘is everything okay, doc?’ He looked at me and said ‘This is awesome! How many people have the privilege to place their hands in someone’s abdomen and make them better?’ All of us have that ability and power to make an impact on others. Now what shouldn’t be lost is that events seemingly small may matter a great deal to those whom we are interacting. For both our patients and our young osteopaths, take the time to make that difference, plant the seed, and grow the grass. Not everything we learn is a regimented and choreographed encounter. My epiphany in that moment was that I understood what a noble profession this truly is. Never lose that joy, awe, and sense of nobility.

If only things were that simple. We live in very exciting, yet frightful times indeed. The largest elephant in the room is uncertainty of what the future may hold. The uncertainty of what a single accreditation system might hold for our collective future. We are truly at a cross road as a profession and organization. But, with this, there is opportunity. The opportunity to mold that future. This is the largest fellow induction class ever in the ACOS. I believe that says a lot about us a profession and a college. It shows a glimpse of what our future has the potential to become.  

Nelson Mandela once said, ‘May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.’ You can remain idle and let the future change you, or you can change the future. I want you all to look immediately around you, to your new brothers and sisters. We have a duty, not only to ourselves to be the best osteopathic surgeon we can be, but to the person next to you as well. As a minority profession, we do not have to be the largest group, but we have to be the best.

In conclusion, my charge for you is simple. Be true to our very proud and distinguished osteopathic heritage. Become an advocate of osteopathic medicine. Above all, be the epitome of what it means to be an osteopathic surgeon. Congratulations to you all and welcome to your osteopathic home.”

Welcome to the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons:

Nathaniel A. Amor, D.O.
Saeid E. Aryan, D.O.
Justin D. Atherton, D.O.
Victor M. Awuor, D.O.
Lauren Baldinger-Schulz, D.O.
Nazia Bandukwala, D.O.
Matthew A. Benenati, D.O.
Lindsay B. Berbiglia, D.O.
Bryan Bolinger, D.O.
Matthew J. Bond, D.O.
Christie M. Brock, D.O.
Renata Brodsky, D.O.
Steven E. Broomhead, D.O.
Michael J. Butcher, D.O.
James P. Buwen, D.O.
Edward H. Caldwell, D.O.
John Capua, D.O.
Joseph D. Chabot, D.O.
Gregory T. Clabeaux, D.O.
Gary W. Cole, D.O.
Corinne D. Costellic, D.O.
Daniel R. Cozadd, D.O.
Matthew D’Alessandro, D.O.
Vu Dinh, D.O.
Nicholas J. Draeger, D.O.
Ani G. Durham, D.O.
Justin A. Eisenberg, D.O.
Samer M. ElFallal, D.O.
Nicholas J. Evertsen, D.O.
Candida A. Ferguson, D.O.
Troy M. Ferguson, D.O.
Mindi D. Fisher, D.O.
Forrest R. Fredline, D.O.
Mary E. Freyvogel, D.O.
Kelly O’Brian Galster, D.O.
Kaywan D. Gamadia, D.O.
Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.O.
Leonardo A. Geraci, D.O.
Daniel R. Gilbert, D.O.
Richard J. Gorman, D.O.
Narinder P. Grewal, D.O.
John M. Gunselman, D.O.
Deepa R. Halaharvi, D.O.
Duncan Hamilton, D.O.
Michael I. Hanzly, D.O.
Ashley N. Harnden, D.O.
Adrian T. Harvey, D.O.
Sean J. Henderson, D.O.
Scott A. Hewitt, D.O.
Shawn L. Horwitz, D.O.
Nicholas Houlis, D.O.
Darbi L. Invergo, D.O.
Sajid Ismail, D.O.
Neda Jafari, D.O.
Helen Y. Kay, D.O.
Christopher J. Keeler, D.O.
Prashant S. Kelkar, D.O.
Sadia Khan, D.O.
Rachel A. Knudson, D.O.
Jared E. Kray, D.O.
Jayram Krishnan, D.O., MBA
Mark Kuzich, D.O.
Ching-Feng Lai, D.O.
Sharon B. Larson, D.O.
John J. Leskovan, D.O.
Ting-Kin J. Leung, D.O.
Erin H. Lin, D.O.
Christopher R. Lumley, D.O.
Robert Luo, D.O.
Nisreen M. Madhoun, D.O.
Eric A. Marvin, D.O.
Penelope Mashburn, D.O.
Katherine E. McKenzie, D.O.
Justin McKinney, D.O.
Jonathan McNeal, D.O.
Daniel F. Miller, D.O.
Altin Miraka, D.O.
Taesun Moon, D.O.
Thanh V. Nguyen, D.O.
Brian J. Obrochta, D.O.
Joseph P. O’Hanlon, D.O.
Sara L. Pace, D.O.
Kamran H. Parsa, D.O.
Amelia M. Pasley, D.O.
Zachary D. Pearce, D.O.
Matthew G. Reynolds, D.O.
Mark Rivkin, D.O.
Jay W. Roberts, D.O.
Nathan S. Roberts, D.O.
Jed C. Robinson, D.O.
Curtis P. Ross, D.O.
Ryan C. Rusnok, D.O.
Gul R. Sachwani-Daswani, D.O.
Jennifer Scagliola, D.O.
Nathan H. Schmoekel, D.O.
James R. Shurlow, D.O.
Justin M. Simmons, D.O.
Andrew C. Skattum, D.O.
Jennifer A. Snow, D.O.
Zac J. Steiner, D.O.
Douglas L. Stofko, D.O.
John M. Stowers, D.O.
Nojan Toomari, D.O.
Douglas A. Troutman, D.O.
Tsai-Lung Tsai, D.O.
Elena E. Vega, D.O.
Andrey A. Volkov, D.O.
Jason K. Waddell, D.O.
Richard H. Wikiera, D.O.
Salvatore M. Zavarella, D.O.
Harun Zekirovski, D.O.
James C. Zwanch, D.O.