OGME Corner

Susan L. Rall, M.Ed

The transition to the Single Accreditation System is in full effect. Programs have many questions regarding ACOS training requirements as it pertains to their ACGME and AOA accreditation status. Do my residents have to take the ACOS General Surgery In Service Exam? Are Annual Resident Reports Required? Why am I being charged a $300 non-member review fee?

The chart below provides answers to those questions as determined by the programs accreditation status with AOA and/or ACGME. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact Susan Rall, [email protected]. Please refer to the ACGME and/or AOA websites for detail information about the application and accreditation process.


 AOA Programs not applying for ACGME, ACGME Pre-Accreditation and ACGME Continuing Pre-Accreditation


Programs with ACGME Initial Accreditation and remain AOA accredited


Programs with ACGME Initial Accreditation and have withdrawn from the AOA


ACOS GS In-Service Exam

 Yes  Optional  N/A

Annual Report submitted to

ACOS by June 30 and

maintained by the residency



Yes-The resident is required to submit the Resident’s Evaluation of the Program Form by June 30. Residents will be assessed a $250 late fee for forms not submitted by the deadline. Program Directors are required to submit the Program Director’s Checklist of the Resident to the ACOS prior to June 30. All annual report forms and documents are to be maintained by the programs


The program director is required to submit a Program Checklist of the Residents attesting to the resident’s progress during the training year. The checklist is to be submitted to the ACOS by June 30. The checklist will be available for program directors to complete via ICOHERE in May. All annual report forms and documents are to be maintained by the programs. Resident’s will not be required to submit the Annual Evaluation of the Program Form.


A $300 non-member review

fee will be assessed to

residents who are not members of the ACOS for training year to be reviewed


A $250 late fee will be

assessed to residents who

do not submit their Annual

Report by the June 30



No, but the program will be “dinged” for not fulfilling the ACOS Training Standards


A resident is eligible to apply

for Osteopathic Boards?

 Yes  Yes  Yes