President's Message

Hello Colleagues!

Thanks to everyone that joined us at the 2015 Annual Clinical Assembly (ACA) in Chicago! We had record high attendance and the feedback on the programs has been very positive. We will be reviewing all comments and trying to make our next program even better based on your suggestions!

I would like to congratulate all the new Fellows conferred at the ACA. I am proud of your commitment to the family of surgery, for your teaching of our residents and students, and for your involvement in surgical organizations throughout the country.

Welcome all New Members! Do not hesitate to reach out to me, your Board members, or your discipline officers if you would like to get involved. Planning for the next ACA in Phoenix is underway and there is definitely something you can do! It’s never too early to start working on your Fellowship applications for next year!

My plans for this year are to continue to build on the relationships that Dr. Sheridan has fostered, keep our members involved and let them know of opportunities to serve as Dr. Kimmel focused on, and to increase our exposure to other national surgical groups and within our osteopathic family.
I will be in Chicago on October 27 for a meeting with National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) and will attend the Surgical Coalition meeting in Washington D.C. on November 5.  I will keep you abreast of the outcomes and of any opportunities for getting involved. I have been pleasantly shocked at how many ACOS members have said they want to be involved, and you can be sure I won’t forget to call upon you!

We are heading into what I call the “Holiday Crunch,” which lasts from Halloween through the New Year! This is the time of year when surgeons are under a great deal of pressure in all parts of their lives. Family plans have to be made and executed, lots of money is to be spent, and patients that have met their deductibles all want surgery before December 31! It’s a lot to take on and it is difficult to have a good attitude when being pulled in a dozen different directions. My only advice is to delegate away tasks that don’t require a surgeon whenever possible and plan ahead when you can. Try carving out a few blocks of time in December just for you to do what you enjoy doing. I blocked out three late afternoon and evenings in December to work out and go to bed early! Maybe at least one of them will pan out.

Thank you again for supporting the ACOS and for helping us make it into what you want it to be!  Keep the kids safe on Halloween! Maybe next month I will post my costume for a few laughs!  

Best to you all,

Dawn R. Tartaglione, D.O., FACOS