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 ACOS Website Wins Award (11/11/2015) 

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Managing High Risk Breast Patients for the General Surgeon


2016 Annual Clinical Assembly

JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa
Phoenix, AZ

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I hope everyone made it through the holiday season safely. Now we enter one of my least favorite seasons. No, it’s not winter (even though my early arthritis says otherwise), it’s the season in which surgeons find themselves with busy work and cancelled cases due to the fact that the patients have to start over on their deductibles! ...

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D.O. surgeons care for you as a whole person! He or she has been taught how to consider your injury or illness not by itself, but in relation to its effect on the rest of your body and will work closely with your primary care physician to consider all your medical needs. This unique and patient centered approach is the result of rigorous education and training steeped in osteopathic principles! Following undergraduate education, osteopathic surgeons complete four years of osteopathic medical education followed by one year of post-graduate rotations and then another four to six years of specialized training to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become your surgeon. There are licensed D.O. surgeons trained in all specialties of surgery including general, general vascular, neurological, gynecological, orthopedic, plastic and reconstructive, urological, cardiothoracic, ENT (ear, nose and throat), and ophthalmological. Some D.O. surgeons may pursue even more sub-specialty training.

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