Welcome to the ACOS Journal Channels page! ACOS launched Journal Channels in partnership with the Cureus Journal of Medicine in 2019. All active members of the College may submit research to any ACOS Journal Channel, FREE OF CHARGE. Access your discipline's journal channel by clicking on your surgical discipline logo below.


Interested in submitting an article to an ACOS Journal Channel but need information on the article submission process? Click here for a step by step overview from ACOS of the article submission process on Cureus. Visit this page for an abbreviated version of the article submission process from Cureus. Please be sure to click on an ACOS Journal Channel so that you are not charged for your article submission!


The ACOS is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Cureus Journal of Medicine to create an open access online peer-reviewed journal which includes separate journal channels for each of our discipline specialties. By partnering with Cureus, the ACOS is able to offer our members a robust peer-reviewed process, fully supported by experienced staff to ensure quick turnaround time for publishing, as well as worldwide article access via a PubMed number.

In September of 2019, we launched our online journal channels for Cardiothoracic/Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Neurological SurgeryPlastic & Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Urological Surgery. We invite you to submit original, previously unpublished work/research for review and publication.  The editorial staffs in each division are positioned to receive, review and publish your research on the applicable ACOS Journal Channels on Cureus.

Please submit your previously unpublished submissions (articles, case studies, and/or poster presentations) directly to your discipline's channel as noted above. Submissions will be reviewed by the chief editor as well as editors from each discipline prior to being forwarded for a robust peer-review process utilizing the Cureus platform. Final edits, questions, and/or comments will be addressed with the senior authors prior to publication.  There is no cost to ACOS members to have their research reviewed and/or published through this open access journal. To submit articles free of charge, you MUST submit your article directly from an ACOS Journal Channel by clicking on the applicable discipline surgery link above or by navigating to the desired ACOS surgical discipline channel on Cureus. Simply go to, click on Channels, from the drop down menu click Professional Societies and from this second drop down menu, navigate to your desired ACOS Surgical Discipline Channel and click on that channel to begin the FREE article submission process.

We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our members and look forward to receiving your submissions!


The ACOS Journal Channel Deputy Editors play a critical role in ensuring that research submitted by ACOS members is reviewed, edited and published in a timely manner.

The Cureus Journal of Medical Science has provided a step by step instruction manual for Deputy Editors. Been a while since you've reviewed an article? Need a refresher? Click here  to download the Deputy Editor Instruction Manual. Thank you for serving on the ACOS Journal Deputy Editor Team. Your service in this group will help promote research and provide all of our members with opportunities to publish their work, particularly those members who are looking for opportunities that demonstrate scholarly activity.

If you are interested in becoming a Deputy Editor for an ACOS Surgical Discipline Journal Channel, please contact [email protected]


Cureus has created video guides for editor preview and approval! The videos cover how to evaluate articles during the preview and review steps of the editorial process. The videos provide instructions for all editorial tasks and responsibilities. If you are a new Deputy Editor or just need a refresher on the editorial review process, you will want to watch the videos below.

Editor Preview

Editor Approval