Program Director's Annual Evaluation of Program

The primary purpose of the RESC is to monitor the training of osteopathic surgical residents and to establish and maintain high educational standards and ethical practices among its accredited/approved programs. Another purpose is to ensure program compliance to these standards. The AOA and other Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education (OGME) entities have similar missions.

As a part of this process, the Program Directors are required to submit a Program Director’s Report of the Program to the ACOS, which includes a current roster of residents and teaching faculty members. The form and rosters of residents and faculty are due annually on June 30th.


The first year of the residency program for general surgery, urological surgery, and neurological surgery must include the following rotations.  These rotations may be scheduled as 12 one-month rotations or 13 four-week rotations or any combination thereof. 

1. Rotations for ½ day per week, for 46 weeks, in a surgical out-patient clinic or office.
2. Two months of general internal medicine
3. One month of ICU
4. One month of emergency medicine
5. Four months of general surgery
6. Four months of Selective to include any of the following areas:
            a. Urology                                
            b. Orthopedics                         
            c. Anesthesia                             
            d. ENT                        
            e. General Surgery                     
            f. Vascular Surgery
            g. Neurosurgery
            h. Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery
            i. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
            j. Radiology
            k. one month of female reproductive medicine
            l. one month of pediatrics, if available, or other primary care specialty, at the discretion of the training institution

These requirements may be altered at the discretion of the program director, with the approval of the sponsoring institution’s GME committee, director of medical education, and the Residency Evaluation and Standards Committee (RESC), which will best serve the experience of the resident.  Program’s not complying with these OGME-1R requirements must provide their actual rotation schedule to the RESC and a rationale for any variance.

Quarterly Reports

As of August 2018, the Resident Evaluation and Standards Committee (RESC), are no longer requiring programs to submit quarterly evaluations. Please maintain your records on your OGME 1 Residents and continue to follow the standards of submission to the AOA.