ACA Attendees Must Complete the Online Attestation and Evaluation

The continuing medical education (CME) credits that registrants earn during the 2015 Annual Clinical Assembly (ACA) will be tracked through an online attestation and evaluation system. It is imperative that you complete the online evaluation and attestation by December 1, 2015.  
ACA registrants will have access to the system through the ACOS website by logging in using their ACOS username and password. Detailed instructions on completing the attestation and evaluation system are available HERE. Registrants must evaluate each lecture attended at the ACA to receive CME credit for all sessions. The evaluation system will calculate the total credits earned after the registrant indicates that session evaluations are complete, and a CME certificate will be available for the registrant to print or e-mail. The ACOS office no longer mails CME certificates to registrants. If you have questions about the CME tracking process, please contact the Continuing Education Department at 800-888-1312, ext. 107, or by e-mail at [email protected].