Neurological Surgery Discipline Announces Educational Programming for the 2016 ACA

Program Chairs Nicholas A. Qandah, D.O., FACOS and Brett Alan Schlifka, D.O., FACOS are excited to present the Neurological Surgery Discipline Education Program they have planned for the 2016 Annual Clinical Assembly.  

On Thursday, September 22, discipline paper winner presentations will take place at 3:00 p.m. and poster podium presentations at 3:30 p.m. followed by several alumni receptions and resident jeopardy in the evening.

Friday, September 23, educational programs will include:

•    Current Neurosurgical Management of High-grade Glioma by Kris Smith, M.D. and Dan E. Miulli, D.O., FACOS
•    Brain Metastasis Panel Discussion with Adrian T. Harvey, D.O., and Deependra Mahato, D.O.
•    Spine Tumors by Laurence D. Rhines, M.D.
•    Brain Trauma Panel Discussion with Jason M. Seibly, D.O., FACOS, and Dan E. Miulli, D.O., FACOS
•    Spine Trauma Panel Discussion with Joshua L. Krass, D.O., FACOS, and Steven S. Yocom, D.O.
•    Cerebral Aneurysm and AVM Panel Discussion with Vladimir Cortez, D.O., FACS, and Prashant S. Kelkar, D.O.

Saturday, September 24:
•    High-grade Spondylolisthesis by Brett Alan Schlifka, D.O., FACOS
•    Cervical Spondylosis by Daniel T. Laich, D.O., Dennis E. Cramer, D.O. and Frank J. Hux, D.O.
•    Degenerative Spondylolisthesis by Darren Lee Jacobs, D.O., FACOS and Daniel T. Laich, D.O.
•    Degenerative Scoliotic Deformity by Joseph O’Brien, M.D. and Wayne R. Waterman, D.O.
•    Sagittal Plane Deformity: Minimally Invasive Surgery vs. Open by Daniel S. Hutton, D.O. and Ripul Rajen Panchal, D.O., FACOS

Sunday, September 25, educational programs will be held in the morning and include:
•    Cervical Degenerative Kyphosis Case Presentation by Joseph O’Brien, M.D. and Brett Alan Schlifka, D.O., FACOS
•    Pediatric Cases - Speaker TBA