New Life Members Recognized

Ray Morrison, D.O., FACOSRay L. Morrison, D.O., FACOS recognized new ACOS Life Members for their achievement during the Ceremonial Conclave at the 2016 Annual Clinical Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona. Life Membership is granted to members who, in addition to other requirements, have been members of the College for twenty years or more.

ACOS and the Board of Governors extend our congratulations to the following new Life Members:

Thomas E. Baker, D.O.
Scott D. Barkin, D.O., FACOS
Donald P. Bartkowski, D.O., FACOS
Joseph C. Benedetto, D.O., FACOS
Kerry Dean Bennett, D.O.
Ronald G. Derr, D.O.
Charles L. Dietzek, D.O., FACOS
David Stanley Drozek, D.O.
Andrew H. Gabriel, D.O., FACOS
David N. Geiger, D.O., FACOS
James J. Giliberto Jr., D.O., FACOS
Richard G. Girardi, D.O., FACOS
Jerome Matthew Guanciale, D.O., FACOS
Ralph Warren Hall, D.O., FACOS
Timothy P. Harris, D.O.
Joseph A. Haydu Jr., D.O.
Stephan P. Hyams, D.O., FACOS
Glenn Allen Kline, D.O., FACOS
Alan N. Langnas, D.O., FACOS
Jeffrey E. Lawley, D.O.
Gregory J. Lynch, D.O., FACOS
David B. Mayer, D.O., FACOS
Ray L. Morrison, D.O., FACOS
Lawrence E. Nelson, D.O., FACOS
P. Stephen Novack, D.O.
Daniel A. Pacella, D.O., FACOS
Christopher A. Reeder, D.O., FACOS
Daniel G. Reum, D.O.
Douglas E. Rosendale, D.O., FACOS, FACS
Thomas R. Scherer, D.O.
Phillip P. Schwend, D.O.
Richard Charles Spinale, D.O., FACOS
John S. Urse III, D.O.
Steven J. Valentino, D.O.
Scott C. West, D.O., FACOS
Reatha M. Williams, D.O.
Peter J. Wiltse, D.O., FACOS
Paul F. Zubel, D.O.