Dr. Richardson Welcomed 140 New Members into the College

Christopher J. Richardson, D.O., FACOS welcomed 140 new members into the College at the Ceremonial Conclave that took place during the 2017 Annual Clinical Assembly in National Harbor, Maryland. Charging them with task of leadership, he said:

"Members of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons, I give you all the warmest of welcomes to the family. One of the charges we have adopted to hold this title is leadership. Leadership, I feel is the most important. We at this very moment are in the shadow of the governmental hub of the greatest nation mankind has ever known. Before you, I stand as a proud American.

I am the descendant of African slaves brought to these shores in bondage. I am the descendant of free men and women who suffered through "Jim Crow." I am the proud son of a father who served in the US Army during the Korean Conflict and experienced bigotry while serving in our recently desegregated armed services.

The founders of this great nation and some of our leaders, though not creating this stain on humanity, were complicit in its perpetuation.  

This is my story. We all have a story, all equally relevant!

Present day leaders in government are attempting to sign bills into law, while our hospital leadership teams are trying to create policy and the like that will effect us and our patients without our evidence based experience or our anecdotal opinion as practicing physicians. Are we going to be complicit or we going to control the narrative and lead?

My charge to you all regardless of your politics, is to lead. Remember how you were raised. Remember what your values are. Remember your Osteopathic Oath and lead. From your private practice or hospital division, to local, state and national organizations, lead.

I will conclude with a quote from Monhandas Gandhi, "You must be the change you want to see in the world!"



The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons welcomes:

Joel E. Abbott, D.O.
Raed Abusuwwa, D.O.
Michael A. Amaturo, D.O.
Damon M. Armstrong, D.O.
Vadim Avulov, D.O.
Dabanjan Bandyopadhyay, D.O.
Zachary M. Bauman, D.O.
Adam D. Bell, D.O.
Frederick I. Berg, D.O.
Andrew J. Bieber, D.O.
Andrea E. Boedecker, D.O.
Adam D. Bradley, D.O.
Jerel J. Brandt, D.O.
Autumn R. Bridger, D.O.
Justin C. Brower, D.O.
Leith I. Brown, D.O.
Julie A. Brownell, D.O.
Karen Buhariwalla, D.O.
Catherine A. Burtrum, D.O.
Michael A. Casey, D.O.
Jacquelyn M. Charbel, D.O.
David Chen, D.O.
Gabriel Chiu, D.O.
Kellen B. Choi, D.O.
Stephanie J. Cole, D.O.
Blake V. Conklin, D.O.
Eric A. Crabtree, D.O.
Amy L. Curry, D.O.
Timothy M. Darnauer, D.O.
Keshav K. Deshpande, D.O.
Vu Dinh, D.O.
Robert J. Dragotti, D.O.
Brian B. Draper, D.O.
Marshall D. Early, D.O.
Todd L. Fridley, D.O.
Thomas Frimpong, D.O.
Marika Y. Gassner, D.O.
Patrick W. Gavin, D.O.
Thomas A. Geng, D.O.
Anthony M. Gielow, D.O.
Jessica Madison Gielow, D.O.
Anna Goldenberg-Sandau, D.O.
Mario F. Gomez, D.O.
Ronak A. Gor, D.O.
Moises S. Googe, D.O.
Benjamin J. Green, D.O.
Nathan E. Hale, D.O.
William A. Hanner, D.O.
Katherine E. Hansen, D.O.
Benjamin C. Hanshaw, D.O.
Andy W. Holley, D.O.
Jesse Hollis, D.O.
Brian K. Hudson, D.O.
Craig B. Hunter, D.O.
Stephen D. Hurley, D.O.
Amy S. Hynek McFarland, D.O.
Jacob D. Johnson, D.O.
Roger W. Jump, III, D.O.
Justin M. Karush, D.O.
Jacob L. Khurgin, D.O.
Ty D. Kirkpatrick, D.O.
Dana E. Kivlin, D.O.
Jason M. Langer, D.O.
Shokry N. Lawandy, D.O.
Aaron Jae-Hyun Lee, D.O.
Mayron Z. Lichterman, D.O.
Lindsay M. Lombardo, D.O.
Andrew C. Luea, D.O.
Quang Ma, D.O.
Jose A. Martin, D.O.
Shane D. Martin, D.O.
David K. May, D.O.
John R. McCormick-Deaton, D.O.
Kelly M. McGuire, D.O.
Margaret A. Merriam, D.O.
Jordan D. Miller, D.O.
John J. Millili, D.O.
Tanya Minasian, D.O.
Emily A. Mitchell, D.O.
Cristina A. Muresanu, D.O.
Wayne P. Myers, D.O.
Kailash K. Narayan, M.D.
Avinash Narayana, D.O.
Jay B. Nastav, D.O.
Kimberly M. Nemeth, D.O.
Jerry Noel, D.O.
Stefania Nolano, D.O.
Jessica F. Okun, D.O.
Violet N. Onkoba, D.O.
Christine J. Ou, D.O.
Lynn J. Paik, D.O.
Cristina J. Palmer, D.O.
Anuj M. Parikh, D.O.
Puraj P. Patel, D.O.
Nhan V. Pham, D.O.
Adam N. Phillips, D.O.
Anuj Prashar, D.O.
Joshua D. Pratt, D.O.
Charles E. Pugar, D.O.
Brian J. Pugh, D.O.
Jeffrey E. Quigley, D.O.
Jason P. Riley, D.O.
William L. Ritt, D.O.
Lauren Rittenberg, D.O.
Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, D.O.
Daniel J. Rizzo, D.O.
Lindsey K. Roach, D.O.
Aziz A. Sadiq, D.O.
Isami Sakai, D.O.
Michael S. Sawvel, D.O.
Patrick C. Schiefelbein, D.O.
Caroline J. Schwickerath, D.O.
Gregory Semon, D.O.
Jamaal H. Shaban, D.O.
Tiffani D. Shelton, D.O.
Javed Siddiqi, M.D., Ph.D.
James J. Siegert, D.O.
M. Chance Spalding, D.O.
Brandon Specht, D.O.
Jason D. Spjut, D.O.
Maggie J. Steinbeisser, D.O.
Brett A. Stone, D.O.
Raed Sweiss, D.O.
Andrew J. Szabo, D.O.
Emily Szczech, D.O.
Karen D. Szymanski, D.O.
Sebastian Tas, D.O.
David P. Terwilliger, D.O.
Elizabeth M. Thomas, D.O.
Kristina M. Thornburg, D.O.
Shawn P. Todd, D.O.
Tony T. Tran, D.O.
Jennifer L. Uitvlugt, D.O.
Justin N. Virojanapa, D.O.
Angela M. Ware, D.O.
Sara J. Wasilenko, D.O.
Stephen M. Welch, D.O.
Tessa N. Woods, D.O.
Joshua M. Yeykal, D.O.
Ehssan Zare, D.O.