New Life Members Recognized

Larry G. Armstrong, D.O., FACOS recognized new ACOS Life Members for their achievement during the Ceremonial Conclave at the 2018 Annual Clinical Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia. Life Membership is granted to members who, in addition to other requirements, have been members of the College for twenty years or more.

ACOS and the Board of Governors extend our congratulations to the following new Life Members:

Michael D. Adelman, D.O.
Lonette A. Bebensee, D.O.
Susan L. Beck, D.O., FACOS
Walter J. Boris, D.O., FACOS
William E. Bowles, D.O., FACOS
Bruce T. M. Chau, D.O., FACOS
Andrew C. Clemmons, D.O.
Jeffrey M. Cochran, D.O.,
W. Don Craske, III, D.O.
Sang Won Won Dacri-Kim, D.O.
Deanna Davidson, D.O., FACOS
David Brian Dellinger, D.O., FACOS
David Alan Dunworth, D.O.
William J. Ennis, D.O., FACOS
C. Ricardo Estrada, D.O., FACOS
Robert Louis Fiorelli, D.O.
Stephen A. Fletcher, D.O., FACOS
Jason H. Frost, D.O., FACOS
Donald V. Graham, D.O., FACOS
Craig A. Haberman, D.O., FACOS
Suzanne Marie Hanses, D.O.
Peter J. Isaac, D.O., FACOS
Mark W. Jones, D.O., FACOS
Richard D., Kimmel, D.O., FACOS
Robert G. Kloos, D.O., FACOS
James Mr. Krick, D.O., FACOS
Sheila C. Lally, D.O., FACOS
Eugene W. Laveroni, D.O., FACOS
Zachary Hunt Lewis, D.O., FACOS
Paul A. Lucha, Jr., D.O., FACOS, FAOCPR
Dale R. McCririe, D.O.
Clyde S. Meckstroth, D.O., MHA, FACOS, FAAHPM
Michael J. Michalske, D.O.
Gregory E. Mick, D.O., FACOS
Gregory George Mukalian, D.O., FACOS
Kevin Thomas O'Connor, D.O.
John C. Payne, D.O.
David A. Raminski, D.O.
Robert J. Reese, D.O.
Jasper John Rizzo, D.O., FACOS
Christopher D. Rogers, D.O., FACOS
Sharon A. Rooney-Gandy, D.O., FACOS
Robert Joseph Sass, D.O., FACOS
Wesley L. Sufficool, Jr., D.O.
John D. Talbott, D.O., FACOS
Gregory Lynn Wilson, D.O., FACOS
Jerry D. Young, D.O.