Remember Your Profession with a Contribution to the ACOS Trust Fund

You are encouraged to remember your profession by making a tax deductible contribution to the ACOS Trust Fund. Your financial support is an investment in your College and the osteopathic profession. The success of the programs and activities sponsored by the ACOS depends largely on your generosity. 

Please make your contribution online , or by mail with check, payable to the ACOS Trust Fund, 123 North Henry Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-2903. An acknowledgement will be sent to you.

ACOS is grateful to the members of the Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, and Gold clubs who have generously donated a total of $535,136 from July 1, 1997 – November 1, 2017.

Triple Diamond Level – Contributions of $20,000 or more

Adam B. Smith, D.O., FACOS
Dawn R. Tartaglione, D.O., FACOS

Double Diamond Level – Contributions of $15,000 or more

James E. Hoogeboom, D.O.,FACOS
Albert F. Milford III, D.O., FACOS
Bradford E. Murphy, D.O.
Ronald W. Wadle, D.O., FACOS

Diamond Level – Contributions of $10,000 or more

Guy D. Beaumont, Jr., FACOS
Laurence H. Belkoff, D.O., FACOS
Wayne A. Hey, D.O., FACOS
Dane K. Johnson, D.O., FACOS
Robert J. Marx, D.O., FACOS
Alan L. Meshekow, D.O., FACOS
Don N. Peska, D.O., FACOS
Gary L. Saltus, D.O., FACOS
David W. Smith, D.O., FACOS, FAOAO
John R. Socey, D.O., FACOS

Gold Level – Contributions of $5,000 - 9,999

Mandip S. Atwal, D.O., FACOS
Joseph C. Benedetto, D.O.,FACOS
Scott A. Blickensderfer, D.O., FACOS
Joseph P. Cardinale, D.O., FACOS
Robert J. Cotter, Jr., D.O., FACOS
Robert A. Dixon, D.O., FACOS
Mark A. Foglietti, D.O., FACOS
Scott R. Hannum, D.O.
Earl T. Hecker, D.O., FACOS
Khoren Hekimian, D.O., FACOS
William R. Henwood, D.O., FACOS
James E. Johnson, D.O., FACOS
Richard A. Josof, D.O., FACOS
Richard D. Kimmel, D.O., FACOS
Les M. Landau, D.O., FACOS
Sherman N. Leis, D.O., FACOS
Robert H. Mashioff, D.O., FACOS
Jim Greg Melton, D.O.
Michael G. Moncman, D.O., FACOS
Ray L. Morrison, D.O.,FACOS
Todd A. Nickloes, D.O., FACOS
Albert H. Olivencia-Yurvati, D.O., FACOS
Marylou Rainone, D.O.
Kendall Reed, D.O., FACOS
Barry Sachs, D.O., FACOS
Valerie L. Sheridan, D.O.,FACOS
F.Kenneth Shockley, D.O., FACOS
Richard A. Smialek, D.O., FACOS
Richard H. Still, III, D.O., FACOS
Thomas J. Trahan, D.O., FACOS
Rafael Eduardo Villalobos, D.O., FACOS