OGME Corner May 2018

Jessika Brown

Annual Resident Reports

To monitor the educational progress of residents and programs, the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons requires the submission of Annual Resident Reports. Annual Resident Reports are required for each training year, OGME 2-8, and are reviewed by the Resident Evaluation and Standards Committee (RESC). Submissions of the Annual Resident Report will open to residents and program directors on May 15th. Annual Resident Reports are due by June 30th. Components of the Annual Resident Report include submissions from both the resident and program director.

Please view the Resident Annual Reports page for complete details.

Osteopathic Recognition

The ACOS and members of the ACGME’s Osteopathic Principles Committee will host a webinar on Osteopathic Recognition in the summer. Program Directors are encouraged to attend the webinar as well as submit questions or concerns that can be addressed during the presentation to [email protected].

By achieving osteopathic recognition, training programs help ensure the unique principles and practice of osteopathic medicine will continue to benefit future generations of patients. Osteopathic recognition also provides advantages for medical students seeking osteopathic-focused training. There is no fee to apply for or to maintain Osteopathic Recognition.

For more information visit ACGME and AOA site for Osteopathic Recognition.

Congratulations to Metro Health Hospital for being the first surgery program to receive Osteopathic Recognition!